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Got bored of old action shooting games and want to experience the new battlefields and fighting experiences? Well we can hear you and that’s why we are providing you with so many new gaming experiences that you can enjoy. In today’s article we are giving you an exceptional fighting plus shooting game that you can play without any internet connection to start the gameplay. This game is called Critical Action.

In this game you will be able to play the role of a Shooter who is ready to fight the Enemies in any location and at any time. This game features so many interesting modes that will increase your adrenaline level and give you the right amount of excitement that you need in your life. There are many different locations in this game in which you can enjoy this shooting experience. You can also make use of the different weapons that are available in this game to become the best shooter in the town. If you want to Indulge into this New Shooting experience then do read this article

What is the Critical Action game?

It is an action Plus FPS game. In this game you will experience action in different locations and you will also be able to enter the War zone and fight with your enemies with the help of different weapons and skills that you have. This game features amazing modes that will fluctuate your gameplay and hence you will never get bored.

What is the Critical Action MOD APK?

It is the hacked version of the critical action game. In this hacked version the user will have access to unlimited money and all the locations in this game will also be unlocked. This modified version also features the God mod in which you will remain invulnerable. If you want to get rid of the ads then this version also helps you out.

How to play a Critical Action game?

This game is very easy to play. In this game you are free to use any of your favourite weapons and fight with your enemy. You will also be able to participate in different missions that will occur in this game. These missions will help you to earn rewards and will also provide you with the coins that you will need in this gameplay.

How to unlock different locations and weapons in a Critical Action game?

In order to unlock different locations and weapons in this game you will have to spend the coins that you will have in this gameplay. The weapons can also be received as the rewards of winning different missions and levels.

Features of the Critical action game

3D Graphics and controls

This game features 3D graphics in which you will be able to have the realistic experience of playing the best action game. You will also be able to have the real visuals of the war zone that will increase your excitement level and you will be hooked to this game.


You will also get to explore a lot of different weapons in this game and these weapons will help you to fight with the Enemies in the war zone. You can collect these weapons at different points of the game.

Amazing and indulging modes

This game contains so many different modes that will fluctuate your gameplay and you will never get bored. Some modes are very fast paced in which you will have to take care of your surroundings so that you do not get attacked by the Rivals.

Huge map to explore

This game features a huge map in which there are many different locations where you can go and enjoy the gameplay. This map features different war zones and you can choose any of them.


There will be many interesting and indulging missions that will totally make you hooked to this game. These challenges will help you to gain rewards and unlock many different aspects of this game.

Features of the Critical Action MOD APK

Unlocked Locations

In the critical action Mod APK you will be able to play on all the locations.

No need to buy weapons

You will not have to buy the weapons in this modified version because all of them will be unlocked.

Removal of ads

This version has also removed all the ads.


If you are a fan of the shooting experience then this game will surely make you a fan of it because the amazing features of this game will surely attract you. In order to get some extra advantages in this game you can download critical action Mod APK.


Q. How to earn rewards in Critical Action?

You will be able to earn rewards by winning the challenges.

Q. Is Critical Action an online game?

No, it is an offline game and you will not need the internet to play this game.