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Terra Battle Apk is an online app for android. It is one of the most useable and downloadable apk for android users. Its user ratio is 4+. Terra Battle is an excellent SRPG developed by an experienced studio with stellar previous work. And as expected, Terra Battle does not disappoint: the controls are perfectly suited to touch screens, and it has great graphics and is fun to play. When it comes to online then the app is the best one. Here I will share with you the latest update version of this App.

Terra Battle Apk

Latest Version Terra Battle Apk Download


App Download Version: 5.5.6 (169)
Apk File Size: 83 MB
Category: Free Games
Requirements: Android 5+
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About Terra Battle Apk

Terra Battle is a traditional SRPG developed by Mistwalker (The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon), where you create a group of adventurers to try to save the world from cataclysm.

Unlike other games of the same genre, Terra for Battle is less focused on the story than on combat. That is, you’ll spend more time on the battlefield than reading dialogues and explanatory texts, which will certainly make a lot of players happy.

In Terra Battle Apk, fighting is a far cry from what is usually found in most SRPGs. You have a group of heroes represented by corresponding tabs that are arranged on a board, and your aim is to flank an enemy with two of your characters in order to attack. The App is the best application in the Google Play Store. After releasing this app it goes viral within a short time for its popular features and nice user experience.

So, let’s see it features why you should Install This App on your smartphone.


Top Features of Terra Battle Apk

There are lots of features on this online app as usual. As like terra battle 2 apk, battle for terra, terra battle 2, terra wars game, terra battle iOS, and others but it has sill some special for exceptional.

  • An encounter that will tear away the veil shrouding the world’s secrets and set the gears of fate in motion.
  • Move units freely around a grid-based map to flank the enemy, striking from both sides in a pincer attack.
  • Characters can be positioned to execute chain attacks with allies. Take advantage of bonus items on the map as well to obliterate your foes!
  • Characters can undergo three types of job changes. Acquire new skills and combine them to create characters that best fit your play style.
  • A myriad of richly distinctive and diverse foes will confront you on a variety of battle maps. Prevail against them to gradually unravel the mysteries of this strange new world.

These are some features of the Apk. People called it Terra Battle also.



Install Apk on Android or iOS

In this section, you will learn how to Download and Install Terra Battle Apk On Any Android Device or iOS. For doing this process you have to follow some rules I briefed below.

As an unknown file, all devices make some problems installing it. So that you have first allowed it in the device command section. Check the unknown source you just follow these steps Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.

All.APK files found on our site are original and unmodified.